Barry Waller Performs Originals At Long Island's Only Meadery!

Friday, August 25, 2023 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Hello Friends And Fellow Music Enthusiasts, I have a gig coming up this Friday which could - with your attendance - make one damned interesting human interest story: Sometime last year I performed at a unique establishment called W A Meadwerks, a "meadery" rather than a brewery, so named because they specialize in craft honey-based wine, in multiple effervescent varieties (which don't taste like honey), guaranteed to surprise and delight many of those unfamiliar. But that's not even the story. Since my appearance at W A Meadwerks, the "Copyright Police" came down on this nobly entrepreneurial two-man operation in typically ruthless fashion, rendering Long Island's only meadery unable to host any live music act performing cover material. This signaled the end of live music at W A Meadwerks. Or so they thought. I saw this as an opportunity, and so suggested "Why not have me perform my originals there? That's something the authorities can't touch." The good folks at W A Meadwerks - all two of them - agreed to give this and me a shot. ...So, Friday August 25th starting at 6:00PM I will be rendering an entire program of original songs at W A Meadwerks, including a cherry-pick of some of my favorite songs by a friend or two who, like me, are unpublished songwriters. As audience and tasters, I strongly urge you to come and be privy to this very special marriage of pioneering spirits. Bring open minds, ears and taste buds - all three are in for some real treats!

Location: W A Meadwerks 290 N Wellwood Ave, Lindenhurst, NY 11757